Because BAD Beer is NO Laughing Matter!®

BrewHaha Brewing Company was founded by entrepreneur and veteran, Pete Ballou. With the help of friend, Aaron Argenbright, Pete hoped to take his love of craft beer to the next level by starting his own brewery. BrewHaha Brewing Company became the first brewery approved in Rockingham County in March 2018. Shortly thereafter, Pete and Aaron met Brewer, Nick Branson who could help make their craft brewing dreams a reality.

BrewHaHa Brewing Company is excited to offer their unique and tasty craft brews Summer 2021!

Before BrewHaha Brewing Company came Brewhaha Comedy Tours, the first business designed to combine live comedy with local brewery tours. 

BrewHaHa Comedy Tours was founded out of a love for beer and laughter. We believe that those are the two best ways to bring friends together, and are a match made in heaven.

Founder Pete Ballou has always had a passion for beer, and never misses a chance to tour a new brewery.

The tours he attended always had two things in common.

1). The same old, boring, facts about the brewing process and company history.

2). Amazing beer.

He wanted to learn about the process and the company, but most guides were so boring that the tours were more about staying awake until the sampling began, and not about the full brewery experience.

Then something amazing happened…

Pete went on a tour having the same low expectations. Wait out the boring tour to get to sample the amazing beer. But this time, it was different. The tour guide was hilarious and made the brewing process come alive as nobody had before. He told exciting stories about the history of the breweries, rather than just simple facts and dates. He used trivia and guest participation to engage the tour and make it exciting for everyone.

You know the best part? After spending the tour laughing and being entertained, the beer tasted better than he had ever remembered. It wasn’t so much that this brewery was the best, just that the experience as a whole made everything come alive. It was at this moment that he decided he had to bring this experience to every brewery he could, and the marriage of beer and comedy that is BrewHaHa Comedy Tours was born.

brewhaha comedy tours

The goal with our tours is to give you a day with friends that you’ll never forget. For us, there is no better way to do that than through laughter and an expertly crafted brew.

We hope to not only grow throughout the Tidewater region but throughout the state of Virginia over the course of the next two years. As more people get to experience BrewHaHa Comedy Tours we plan on branching out throughout the country and possibly the world!

So the next time you hear about BrewHaHa Comedy Tours make sure you “Get on the Bus!”