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Lefty Pale Ale 4.9% ABV 40 IBU

Lefty Pale Ale is all about balance. Not too bitter and not too sweet, it’s packed with notes of citrus peel and sweet floral flavors, evened out by a slightly sweet, bready malt character. It goes down smooth without any lingering bitterness, & it’s light enough to have a pint or three.

Richard Cranium Kolsch  4.7% ABV

This is a very light and refreshing beer unlike any other. Coming in at 4.7% ABV just enough to help you enjoy responsibly.

A Must Have IPA 6.25% ABV 59 IBU

A refreshingly lightly hopped West Coast IPA for the intermediate hop head. This is a must have for any IPA fan with notes of pineapple, mango and other tropical flavors.  

Atypical Amber  5.5% ABV 40 IBU

Featuring typical characteristics of both American and English ales, this Trans-Atlantic Amber Ale fits into a category all it’s own. The malt offers flavors of toffee, caramel, & light roast coffee. The American hops and English ale yeast provide a playful fruity character to keep things fresh. This is the perfect beer for those that typically drink browns, porters, stouts, and other dark beers. It’s light enough to enjoy all summer long, yet dark enough to satisfy your cravings for the malty beers of winter.

Float on By…Orange Honey Pale Ale 5.25% ABV 31 IBU

A medium bodied beer with hints of honey and sweet orange peel on the back end. Originally made for the owner of BrewHaHa and his wife for their wedding 2 years ago and now making its triumphant return to be shared with everyone. Sure to be as big a hit as it was 2 years ago…a nice beer to enjoy here in the valley or take home with your significant other!

Broken Glass Belgian IPA  8.65% ABV 94 IBU

Originally supposed to be called the Double Patroller as it was brewed by two ski patrollers…but this one earned its name due to several items glass related breaking every time it was brewed. Utilizing Belgian yeast and many different hop profiles we created this earthy yet fruitful beer. Not for the faint at heart…this hop forward Belgian packs a punch but will definitely help you “break” up any tensions…and if you are not careful the glass you are drinking it out of…be warned!

Coming Soon:

Patchwork Pumpkin Pumpkin Porter 5.5% ABV  45 IBU


A Must Have IPA Variant to benefit “WeRTickledPink” coming out by 10/16/21

Future Brews:

Ski Lesson Session IPA

Frosty’s Cup Imperial Cocoa Porter